Logoff Screen Saver Version History

Fixed an issue that in some circumstances the unregistered version could shut down the computer instead of just logging it off.
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the screen saver to misread the registry entry that contains the time out value.
Version 3.0
The screen is now blanked out.
Mouse or keyboard activity now properly reset it.
Added the ability to turn off the computer.
Thoroughly tested with Windows Vista. Please refer to the help file or the support page for complete details .
Now properly detects Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Note: The screensaver has not been thoroughly tested with Windows Vista; however there should not be any issues.
Version 2.1
Added a configuration setting to allow the screensaver to read the machine setting for the idle timeout. This is used when a group policy is set in an Organizational Unit (OU) that deals with the computer.
The maximum setting for the seconds to logoff has been increase from 600 seconds to 9999 seconds.
Version 2.0
Added the ability to control the time of day the screensaver is active.
Fixed a few cosmetic issues.
Version 1.0
Initial Release
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