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Internet Services Provided to Matrix Dentistry

Image of Matrix Dentistry's Home PageMatrix Dentistry - Glendale Arizona's Best Dentist

Matrix Dentistry wants to be your family's dentist and they go the extra mile to prove it. If you have not seen a dentist in years this is the dental practice you want to visit they are very caring and nonjudgmental. They provide a full array of general dentistry procedures, from simple dental cleanings to full dentures.

Image Excellence originally designed and hosted their website in early 2012. We took over the website in late June of 2012 to correct the problems that were causing it not to be indexed by the search engines. We corrected the errors that were causing the pages to fail W3C validation, added the missing <h1> tags, and increased the amount of text on many of the pages. Since Matrix Dentistry was happy with the look of the original design, we only altered the look to cleanup the CSS errors and to ensure cross-browser compatibility. In October we converted the website from PHP to ASP.Net.
Note: The <h1> tag is used as the main title of the page and the search engines use the contents of that tag to determine what the page is about. If there is no <h1> tag on a web page, the search engines will completely ignore the page.

Other Computer Services Provided to Matrix Dentistry

Along with website development and maintenance, domain name hosting, and search engine optimization; we also provide computer sales, network support, and network administration for their dental office in Glendale, AZ.

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