Custom Computer Systems

Our computer systems are designed primarily for businesses who are interested in acquiring top quality desktop systems. Therefore, McGrath Electronics uses only the highest quality components in our computer systems. The importance of reliability is foremost in our assessment of choosing components for our computer systems. Computer down time will cost a business far more than the small difference in the cost of using the best components available.

We offer several basic computer configurations that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Please refer to the sub menu for details of these systems. In addition, we can custom build just about any computer or server configuration to suit your specific requirements. We also install and pre-configure the operating system and any other software you require. We do not install any useless software that is commonly found on computers purchased from any of the big manufacturers. If the computer is to be used on a network, we can properly install it on the network for an additional fee. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Our computer systems are built for maximum reliability using:

  • Intel boxed motherboards and boxed processors that have the best manufacturer warranty in the business. It is our experience that these components frequently outlast those from the major manufacturers. It is also our experience that an Intel motherboard and processor combination is very reliable as they were specifically designed to work together.
  • Seagate hard drives that have the lowest failure rate in the industry. Over the past 20 years we have experienced only 15 Seagate hard drive failures. In this same period we have encountered over 200 failed drives by other manufacturers.
  • Kingston Technology memory that has a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. This means that as long as the memory is still in production, any failure will be replaced by Kingston. To date we have experienced only one failure of Kingston memory.

In over 20 years of building computers, we have found this combination to be the most reliable in terms of stability and longevity. None of our customers have seen the "Blue Screen of Death" due to a hardware issue since 1998 when we fully switched to this hardware combination.


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