Netgear 12 Volt DC 1.2 Amp AC-DC Adapter Model PWR-002-004

This is a used Netgear UL Listed AC to DC Adapter/Power Supply part number YP-042 model number PWR-002-004. The input is rated at 120VAC 23 Watts 60Hz. The output is unregulated and is rated at 12 Volt DC 1.2 Amp. The cable is approximately six feet long with the connector’s center pin is positive and the outer sleeve is negative.

Before purchasing this item please make sure it is the correct power supply for your application as the wrong one could damage your unit. If you have any questions, please email us. This power supply is sold AS-IS but it has been tested and guaranteed not to be DOA for thirty days from the date of our invoice.

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Part # PWR-002-004
Netgear 12VDC 1.2A AC-DC Adapter
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