McGrath Electronics, Inc. Provides Network Support in Phoenix, AZ
  McGrath Electronics, Inc. Provides Network Design for the 21st Century
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Network Administration & Service

McGrath Electronics provides LAN & WAN sales and services for small to mid-sized companies.  We have been designing ,implementing, and servicing Microsoft® based networks since 1993.  We currently support networks ranging in size from two workstations and two users to 150 workstations and 500 users.  We provide complete network support.  We install and maintain peer-to-peer networks utilizing Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista. We also install and support client server networks utilizing Windows NT Server® and Windows 2000 Server®, Windows 2003 Server®, and Windows 2008 Server®.  Some of the features of our networks include the following.

  • Remote Access for Mobile Users
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Network Security
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Database Servers

From initial design, through implementation, and ongoing support, our attention to detail ensures a stable network environment for your company. For complete more please feel free to contact us. Below are a few of our customers. Besides designing their network infrastructure, we also provide network administration and support, computer equipment sales, and website development. Feel free to contact them if you like.

B J Trucking, Inc.
B J Trucking, Inc. is a Food Grade and General Freight Carrier that primarily services the Southwestern U.S. located in Phoenix, AZ.
Tidy Tree Trimming
A tree trimming and removal contractor located in Phoenix, AZ
Bart Stevens Special Needs Planning
Financial and life planning for people with special needs, located in Phoenix, AZ.

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