Website Design and SEO Services Pricing

Website Design Pricing

The price for designing a website is determined by the complexity of the site and the amount of information you provide. The more information you can provide in the form of graphics, pictures, and text for the website will help keep the cost down. Complex websites such as online ordering systems and credit card processing require dynamic pages which involve scripting, database access, and other more complex programming tasks. The prices for websites vary greatly and the prices below are merely a guideline so we encourage you to contact us for a price quote.

Base Price
Includes home page, contact information page, sitemaps and robots.txt files

Additional HTML / Static Web Pages Each $95-$185
Dynamic Web Pages Each $205-$385
Website Content
If you have no text or very little text for your web pages we can write the content for our site.
per Page
Graphic Design Service
If you have no graphics at all or do not have your own graphics company, we work with Brixen Creative.

Search Engine Optimization Pricing

(Our SEO services are  included in our website design service pricing.)

Initial Optimization for your Home Page
This price assumes that the website is already free of major errors that would cause the search engine spiders problems. If it is not, we will have to evaluate the issues to give you a firm price.
Initial Optimization for Each Additional Page
Not all of the pages on your website need to be optimized. Only the pages that deal with the keywords you are targeting need to be optimized. For instance contact information pages do not need to be optimized.
Monthly SEO Service 1 to 5 pages $59
Monthly SEO Service 6 to 10 pages $105
Monthly SEO Service More than 10 Pages Contact Us

Back Link Management

Inclusion in our Private Reciprocal Link Network FREE
Initial Setup for Back Link Management
This service requires our on going back link management service.
Monthly Back Link Management for Sites on Windows ASP.NET Web Servers $29
Monthly Back Link Management for Sites Hosted on Other Web Servers $54

For more information about any of our services, please feel free to contact us


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