Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

There are a number of steps we take to improve the search engine rankings of your website. We can either do a one time initial SEO optimization of your website or we can initially optimize your website and continually maintain your website. On going SEO maintenance is important if you are in a very competitive market and may be required to improve your rankings. Since it can take anywhere from two weeks to four months for the search engines to index your website pages, the initial optimization may not fully achieve the desired results. SEO optimization is not a quick fix to achieve good search engine rankings. We can not promise you that your website will be ranked number 1 on Google in a few days like many of the scammers will. Please refer to our SEM vs. SEO page for more information about this topic.

Initial SEO Optimization

  1. Verify the website is free of code errors. If your pages have code errors, the search engines spiders may not be able to properly index your website.
  2. Research the keywords that people would use when doing search to find the goods or services your website provides. Sometimes the keywords that you may think people would use to find your website is not what is actually being used. For instance "carpet cleaning scottsdale" is not searched for as commonly as "scottsdale carpet cleaning". Selecting the correct keywords to optimize the pages on your website for will greatly increase your traffic.
  3. Optimize the title tag, description meta tag, and the body contents each of the page of your website for the appropriate keywords. Some pages such as sitemaps and contact information do not usually need to be optimized.
  4. Create the xml sitemap, html sitemap, and robots.txt files.
  5. Submit your site to the major search engines.

Optional Initial SEO Optimization Services

  • Inclusion in our private reciprocal link network. Our private reciprocal link network will give you an inbound link to your site from most of our other customers. We will also create of a page on your website to list their websites. Please see Tidy Tree Trimming's Friends Websites for an example. If you currently do not have a page rank with Google this will typically get you a PR of 2.
  • Back link exchange management service; designed to increase the number of inbound links to your website. The second most important thing to have for proper SEO is a large number of back links to your site.

Ongoing SEO Optimization Services

  • With our monthly SEO service you get changes to your website to maintain the keyword relevance and we will make most other changes you may want to the text and pictures. Our ongoing SEO services also include installation of Google Analytics to track search engine traffic and the monitoring of your search engine ranking.
  • Our back link management service constantly increases the inbound links to your website which over time will improve your search engine ranking. For more information please refer to what back links can do for your website.

Our SEO Services Get Results

"After being scammed by three SEO companies that did not deliver or meet my expectations, I contacted Terry with McGrath Electronics. He explained everything in detail very well, and my instinct trusted his experience.  I hired him to fix code, optimize and submit my website. This was not an easy task being another company screwed things up.  Within 4-5 weeks my phone started ringing from his work.  Now I have 5 separate websites reeling in clients for my high-end carpet cleaning co."

Bryan Phillips
Green Planet Carpet Care


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