Custom Software Development

McGrath Electronics has been developing client-server and desktop applications since 1993. Our primary mission when writing custom software is to save your business both time and money, while at the same time improving your business processes and organizing your data for easy retrieval. We take care of your business needs with custom software written specifically for your business and your business processes.

Custom business software can be an expensive proposition. However, the benefits from increased productivity can be enormous. When considering a custom software solution, one of the most important considerations is the payback period. For instance, if the software costs $10,000.00 but it reduces the need for an additional employee at $10.00 per hour the payback period is less than six months. After one year the software will have saved your company $20,800.00 in gross pay alone, not to mention all of the other associated costs that come with additional employees.

For more information about any of our custom software development service, please feel free to contact us.


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