Examples of Our Website Design & Optimization Services

These are a few examples of the websites that McGrath Electronics, Inc. has either designed or repaired. Of course we created this website, but it does suffer from the "Shoemaker's Kids Syndrome". It seems every time we start out to rework this website, we wind up with work to do for our customers which does take priority. Some of these websites we designed from the ground up and some of them were designed by other web developers. The major reason we took over some of the websites was that the original web developer did not know how to optimize websites for the search engines or they did not know how to properly write the underlying code for the pages. We also provide various other services to these customers from DNS hosting to on-site network support. Click on any of the links for more details about how we help our customers with their online presence.

C.R. Designs

This is a site that we took over because of problems with the shopping cart and search engines rankings. We also provide DNS, website hosting, and on going SEO services.

Green Planet Carpet Care

This is a ASP.Net site that we took over because the search engines were not properly indexing the website. We provide DNS, website hosting, and on going SEO services.

Retail Space for Lease in Scottsdale AZ.

The Shops at Calendar Stick is a mobile and desktop website. We created this for a customer we have had since 1993. It is hosted on our servers.

Click For More Information About Martin Engineering's Websites

Martin Engineering, LLC.

This is an ASP.Net website we designed. They also have two other sites that we designed. We also provide on going website maintenance.

Click For More Information About Tidy Tree Trimming's Website

Tidy Tree Trimming

This is a website we have hosted on our servers for many years. Along with primary and secondary DNS, we also provide on going SEO services including back link management.

 North Coors Self Storage Home Page

North Coors Self Storage Albuquerque, NM

This website was originally written with Flash and could not be indexed by the search engines. We recreated the site with the proper tags and text so it could be indexed.

The Web site is great. Thanks so much. Glad Adam told us about you. You made it very easy!

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation

Saviour's Restoration is a mobile and desktop website. This is a good example of a basic information only site. It is also hosted on our servers.


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