Logoff Screensaver Support

The Screen Saver will not log the user off if the computer has been locked by the user pressing [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del].
In this situation, the check box “Force Applications to Close” needs to be checked to cause a logoff.
The Screen Saver does not save any settings under Windows Vista.
This problem is caused by User Account Control (UAC). The UAC is designed to prevent programs from making unauthorized changes to the system. UAC treats members of the Administrators group as standard users. The screen saver looks for its ini file in the folder where it resides and because of the UAC the screen saver is unable to create or change the logoff32.ini file. To handle this problem do one of the following.
  • You can turn off UAC and make the configuration changes then re-enable UAC. UAC is located in the “Control Panel” under “User Accounts”.
  • Install the logoff screen saver in a shared folder on a server and use group policies to deploy it to the workstations. Note: This method is best if you would like to have different settings for different user groups.
When right clicking on the file logoff32.scr and selecting "Test" nothing happens.
If the time of day the screen saver should NOT be active is set and you are trying to test it during that time, the screen saver will not execute. This is because selecting "Test" passes "/S" as the command line parameter telling the screen saver to execute normally. To test the screen saver select “Configure” then press the “Preview” button.


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