Computer Hardware Manufacturer's Websites

Locating the manufacturer's websites can sometimes be a time consuming endeavor since their domain name may have nothing to do with the company name. After searching all over the web for these sites, we thought we should share them with the rest of you. While this list is by no means complete, we will update it as we discover more sites. If you have any comments or suggestions or if you are a computer hardware manufacturer and would like us to add a link to your site here, please contact us.

Finding device drivers and jumper information on various computer components can be a real adventure. A major problem we have encountered is trying to identify the manufacturer of a computer part so we can find the latest device drivers. If you are unsure of the manufacturer and there is an FCC ID number on the part, then the FCC ID Search Engine is a good place to start. Technically all computer products sold in the U.S.A. are supposed to have an FCC ID number printed on them. If there is no FCC ID then a search for the part number will sometimes lead you to the manufactures website. However; many times all you will come up with is the websites that sell the part or links to sites that only have drivers available. If this is the case then at least you can determine the manufactures name then use this list of their websites to locate the information you are seeking.


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