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We took over Green Planet Carpet Care because of poor search engine rankings. Allan Sturm designed the original website. Allan did a great job of the making the site look good but developed the site using Joomla and left quite a few code errors on the pages. The code errors caused cross browser compatibility issues and worse, the site was not being ranked by the major search engines after one year of being online. One issue was the "meta tag" for the "Content-Language" was showing the site to be located in Great Brittan. This caused the search engines to ignore the site web someone searched for carpet cleaning in Glendale, AZ.

We moved this site to a server that supports ASP.NET, fixed the code, and submitted the site to the major search engines. Bryan also had the opportunity to obtain several other domain names so we created a similar websites to help improve his search engine rankings. We host these websites and on our servers and provide DNS hosting. Our ongoing SEO services include monitoring their traffic with Google Analytics and making whatever changes are necessary to the page content to keep their site ranked well.

These websites were primarily designed for desktop computers.

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Green Planet Carpet Care - Carpet Cleaning Glendale AZ

Green Planet Carpet Care is a family operated Glendale AZ carpet cleaning company that services the entire Phoenix, AZ metro area. We Get Your Carpets Cleaner - Guaranteed!

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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Anthem AZ

Green Planet Carpet Care's Eco-Friendly Anthem, AZ carpet cleaning service is a family operated carpet cleaning service. Located in North Phoenix Arizona that also services Anthem Arizona.

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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale & Paradise Valley

With Green Planet Carpet Care's eco-friendly Scottsdale AZ carpet cleaning service, you can trust our employees, equipment, and reputation to get your floors cleaner. We will not disappoint you!

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Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning Peoria, AZ

An environmentally friendly Peoria, AZ carpet cleaning service. We are kid and pet safe and your carpets dry in half the time. We Get Your Carpets Cleaner - Guaranteed!

We also manage Green Planet Carpet Care's back links. They are currently seeking back links from other restoration companies and contractors from around the U.S. If you are interested in exchanging links with any of their websites, please visit our Link Exchange page. As you know, exchanging links benefits both of us by raising our search engine rankings and generating more traffic to both of our sites. Best of all it is FREE; there is no cost or hidden fee. We simply ask for a link back from a page of your site.

What Bryan Phillips the Owner of Green Planet Carpet Care Has to Say

"After being scammed by three SEO companies that did not deliver or meet my expectations, I contacted Terry with McGrath Electronics. He explained everything in detail very well, and my instinct trusted his experience. I hired him to fix code, optimize and submit my website. This was not an easy task being another company screwed things up. Within 4-5 weeks my phone started ringing from his work. Now I have four separate websites reeling in clients for my high-end carpet cleaning co.

Please feel free to contact him!
Bryan Phillips
Green Planet Carpet Care

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